Let’s share a holiday spirit with others!

All children are looking forward to Christmas time to receive presents from Santa Clause. And those children growing in the boarding schools and orphanages, every year write letters to Santa with the hope for a gift.

Though, their expectations may come true only with the help of our assistance and support.

Each year we receive letters from poor children from Zhovkva district asking for some gifts. And these are not some cool toys ... but mostly clothes - jackets, trousers, sweaters, etc.

Our ‪‎Impulsis‬ team reads each letter! There is a money box in our office and each of us can make a donation, thanks to it we have bought some new warm clothing and shoes for children. Also, we’ve brought home things and toys that are in a good condition but no longer needed, though, will be useful to others. In this way, we try to give some feeling of support and joy to them for Christmas.

It would be great if such charitable actions were supported in other organizations. And if everyone gets involved, there will be more kids with smiles on their faces!

So, dear friends, if we all do some charitable contribution for Christmas, we will make more children happier! Each of us needs attention, especially those who grow up in worse conditions, and what is the saddest - lost their families.

Thus, let's each of us become a Santa Clause to others!