Mouse Alphabet - An Alphabet Adventure for Pre-Readers and New Readers

Young children learn primarily through play. Playing is their job! So what better way to introduce letter and word concepts than through a game that is simple enough for them to control yet complex enough to engage their curious minds.

In Mouse Alphabet, pre readers and new readers follow the adventures of Charlie McMouster as he searches for his missing toys. McMouster’s engaging voice guides your child through a whimsical and fantastical world of colors, shapes, letters, and objects.

As Charlie finds his toys, children see the letters, the words, and hear the proper pronunciation. Progressive levels of difficulty allow children to progress at their own pace and hone their associative memories for the written world.

At the introductory levels, pre readers see, hear, and touch the letters. At the more advanced levels new readers learn that letters have predictable sounds and these letters and sounds combine into words.

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